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Innovation for a Cause – CSR Lanka and MillenniumIT Introduces Mahoga

Created by London Stock Exchange Group's MillenniumIT for CSR Sri Lanka, Mahoga is a web platform designed to match an investor who is willing to contribute with a beneficiary that is in need of resources and support. Prior to Mahoga, corporates wishing to support development in Sri Lanka had no systematic way to connect with local NGOs or know where resources should be channelled. In fact, in 2015, nearly 4 billion Rupees were spent on CSR activity in Sri Lanka but the impact of this investment and its contribution towards sustainable development remains questionable.

The requirement was glaringly obvious; there was a need for a method to match what corporations were willing to give, to what was really needed. This was the reasoning for initiating Mahoga; a way for corporations to engage in meaningful CSR that will impact the development of the country.

At its very core, Mahoga is a matching engine. And no one knows matching engines better than MillenniumIT, which supports over 40 stock exchanges and trading venues around the world. Mahoga's web portal functionality is quite simple. It works by matching Interests to Requests. An Interest is added by a party willing to donate resources, and details the type of resources, their value, and other similar details. A Request is added by the party seeking resources and details the requirements of the end beneficiary. The beauty of the system is its flexibility - the administrative functions can be taken over by any organization that needs a platform to collaborate between two entities.

The Mahoga platform is a partnership between MillenniumIT and CSR Sri Lanka. CSR Sri Lanka's mandate is to ensure that corporates engage in meaningful stakeholder engagement activities for their CSR strategy rather than making simple myopic donations with little long term impact (aka transformative CSR). While the site is powered by MillenniumIT, the system is administrated and curated by CSR Sri Lanka, ensuring that all donors and beneficiaries are thoroughly vetted.

With transformative CSR being the way forward, corporations can now use their strengths to help their communities more effectively. By utilizing resources better, their contributions can make a larger impact. And this is exactly what Mahoga will help them do.

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